Plan of village 1885 – 1954 and present day status.

First the Hayes and Kearns houses. Same Families.

Then across road with back to Duffs turn facing towards Cross of Carrig.

  • House No. 1 Doyle/Ffrench/Ritz. Now demolished.
  • House No. 2 Wade. Now demolished.
  • House No. 3 Wallace/Kenny. house Monahan.

Whites/Carthy’s Laneway (On lane left boundary corrugated garage Paddy Byrne, Pig House Mick Byrne)

  • House No. 4 White/Carty/Murphy. Vacant.
  • House No. 5 Barnwell. Now Stafford.
  • House No. 6 Grace. Demolished.
  • House No. 7 Furlong/Power/Gleeson/Wallace. Now Demolished.

Village Public Pump

  • House No. 8 Tom Walsh. Now Murphy.
  • House No. 9 Barry/Colfer. Now Murphy.
  • House No. 10 Murphy/White/Ffrench/Murphy/Devereux/Kenny. Now Red Door and Harper House.
  • House No. 11 Byrne. Demolished.
  • House No. 12 Neville/White/Ffrench/Lennons/Furlongs. Now O Brien’s.
  • House No. 13 Colfer. Patrick, John, Patrick, same family.

Village Pump

2 maybe 3 houses long demolished were Mc Elroy/Broaders.

(These houses were before the hall on the same side of the road.)

The Hall – Community Centre.

  • House No 14/15 McElroys/Broaders.
  • House No. 16 Colfer/vacant/Gleeson Sinnot. Now Dwyer.
  • House No. 17/18 Walsh/Breens. Now recent new ownership.

Cross of Carrig plus 3 houses.

  • House No. 19 Bowe/Wallace. Demolished. (This house and forge now in ruins first on right on Cullenstown road.)
  • House No. 20 Furlong of the Hill/ later Breen.No vacant. (This house first on left towards Hill of Carrig.)
  • House No. 21 Murphy. Recent several new owners. (First house on left towards Graigeen.)
  • House No. 22 Mahony/O Neill. Now Foley.
  • House No. 23 Teachers/Crowe. New private ownership.


  • House No 24. Old School House/White. Demolished 1930’s.


  • House No. 25 Priests House. Demolished. New Parochial House.
  • House No. 26 Murphy/Devereux/Kennedy Frawley. Now Doyles.
  • House No. 27 Murphy/Devereux/Hanton?/Coady.
  • House No. 28 King/R.I.C./Garda/Private apartment Mullane. Now business use and private apartment.
  • House No. 29 Walsh/Lynch. Later Neville. Now vacant.
  • House No. 30 Malt House/Currid/Other/O Hara. Demolished.

Ordinance Survey.

Entrance Gate

  • House No. 31 Walsh. Demolished pre 1915.
  • House No. 32 Connors. Demolished pre 1915.

These two houses were in what is now the extended garden of Hayes House.

We return to Hayes House.